About CrossDove Writer

Welcome to CrossDove Writer – a place for myself (William) can share my thoughts, ideas, interests and more.

CrossDove Writer will have a few paths of direction you can take – – –

‘News to Know’ – – An opportunity to share what we think is important news of the day, especially if it may or may not affect the life you are living.

‘Grumpy Gramps’ – – A semi-weekly testy, tasty or funny tune about life.

‘Food Fun with Papa Bill’ – – Facts, fun and healthy words about the food we eat.

‘Word to Know’ – – A choice of some common, uncommon or maybe even unusual words to fill some of those vocabulary vacuums.

‘Alphabetical Fun with Life’ – – Listings of life by way of the alphabet!

So come in for a visit and see what we may share for the day.

Visit and feel free to leave a note or reflection about what you may see, and if you feel the need – feel free to share indeed!!

With that, CrossDove Writer says hello and good day!