If you are like me, cooking is an enjoyable and yet sometime frightening thing to be doing.

But since we all need to eat and so many like me, really do enjoy trying new recipes while also taking pr

Then you get that recipe you have been waiting to try and as you get started you realize that maybe you just do not have the right ingredients needed.  For instance, say you find yourself the exact bread crumbs the recipe may require, but you do have some bread but not sure how much you will need – yep anyone that has ever tackled a new cooking adventure has had something similar happen.

So here at Food Fun we check out those food equivalencies that may be needed in a kitchen pinch.

Second short set of equivalency finds:

> > > 1 lb. of cubed American Cheese should equal 2 2/3 cups

> > > 1 lb. of grated American Cheese should equal 5 cups

> > > 3 oz. pkg. of cream cheese should equal 6 2/3 tbsp.

> > > 1 square of bitter chocolate should equal 1 oz.

> > > 1 lb. of cocoa should equal 4 cups

There you go, a quick check of equivalency facts or at least round two of ten which could, should or will become your own personal ‘This Equals That If It’s This’ equivalency chart.

Until we read and/or cook together again – Keep the Kitchen Busy, The Family Fed and Yourself Cared For!!

We bid prayers, blessings and happy tummies to all – Ye Ol’ cook Papa Bill.

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